The Shady Lady’s Antique Attic in Chloride, AZ

Went on a wonderful adventure from Las Vegas, NV  to Chloride, AZ.    What should have been an hour and a half drive turned into two hours because we were battling very high winds as we crossed over the new bridge spanning Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.  It was way too high up in the air for my taste.

But I digress, Chloride, AZ is a former silver mining town.

An old propane tank announces Chloride Station in Arizona. The old mining town still has around 200 inhabitants and the oldest, still in use Post Office in Arizona

It does not have many year- round residents, but the ones that were there this day were interesting and quite open.   First we met Sharron Gittings, the Shady Lady of Chloride.  She seemed to be the town historian, but it was her yard that drew us in.  Her front yard was fenced in with a wire containing bottles (beer) that she collected in the desert.  She also had a few other objects in the fence that she found in the desert.  Sharron found art in almost every object she picked.

A small portion of the bottle fence surrounding the Shady Lady’s Antique Attic.

As I mentioned, Sharron was very knowlegeable about the history of Chloride.  So much so, that she was mentioned with a photo in an article.

Sharron Giddings showing us the article on Chloride where she is mentioned with a photograph.

It was quite a lot of fun and interesting following Sharron about her kingdom of treasures.  There was a story attached to each piece she showed us.  Her two houses included a yard she had turned into a antique garden.   It was formerly for her horses, but after she sold them, she had more room for her collections.

Antique bottles surround one of Sharron’s Sun Catcher designs.

Sharron did not waste any space there, she converted the horses trough into a Koi pond.  She had some beautiful Koi’s who swam with goldfish she stocked into the trough.

At the entrance to this yard she had rocks that she played in her special rock concert.  It took a special rock to play the others. Sharron had them placed to get the musical effect, and she played a tune for us.

All in all, it was a great adventure to see how a fellow crafter interpreted how to use different objects to create sculptures and unique art.


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